Paul Tupper

what I do

Services offered


Lessons on-line now available. Contact me for info on this new endeavour.
The solo show has been revamped.

  • solo, duo, trio, quartet

  • guitar, fiddle, violin, bass, theory

  • specializing in solo artists

  • PA, sound tech, small to medium venues

Live performance

Many possibilities exist... What can you imagine?


background or entertainment
As a solo musician I do everything from background jazz to raucous pub music. Please inquire…. I probably do it!


instrumental or vocal
Ed and Paul, Skip and Paul, Brushett and Tupper, PT Express. These duos provide clients access to many popular genres of music.


with or without drums
Big Time Out, Men About Town, Gristle, Skin and Jones. Great trios offering jazz, R&R, country and pop favourites.

quartet and beyond

larger ensembles
Larger groups are also available. Inquire if you need a larger group, or more than one for your function.

Studio and Live